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Released on 12.2.2021

February News

Did you know that the sun shines 30 minutes longer every week in Helsinki? Sunny days and clean white snow are bringing brightness to early spring.

It's important at times like these to focus on wellbeing and treasuring the small things that bring joy to our everyday lives. Read about the Nordic lifestyle in Finland and find inspiration to fill your home with fresh spring energy.

Kartio & Teema with laskiaispulla
Laskiaspulla, sweet bun with whipped cream and raspberry jam is a traditional treat for early spring. Do you like the light blue table setting with Maija coffee cups, Kartio glasses and Teema plates?

New Shop for the Spring

Our Shop for the Season story introduces Finland’s spring traditions and lots of new vintage for the season, like Vintage Primavera by Marimekko. The short Nordic days are gradually becoming brighter, but sometimes the seemingly slow change can make one feel tired and we already miss the flowers of Spring. We make up for it with beautiful colours on the table.

Discover Spring in Finland

To decorate your table with absolutely wonderful vintage designs from Finland, follow us, as we will add new products regularly throughout spring.

Survey winner

A big thank you to all who answered our survey! Your comments were very helpful and we really appreciate you giving us a moment of your time. Our survey 100€ gift card giveaway goes to a lucky winner – Okucchi.

The prize giveaway is over, but you can still complete the survey. We would love to hear what you think we could do better.


Arabia Verkko and Vaahtera
Arabia Verkko and Vaahtera, the perfect Valentine’s presents?

February Special giveaway

Spring is a time for new beginnings. Talitintti (tit birds) are the first to begin their spring song – “Titityy-titityy!”

Marimekko Pakkanen napkin
A little blue tit’s song is the sound of spring

Inspired by this invitation for the start of spring, we will add a FREE Marimekko Pakkanen (Frost) napkin package to all orders from the Shop for the Spring category during February.

Discover our Spring collection now!

We wish you beautiful Spring Days,
Astialiisa Online team

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