Released on 2.5.2023

Special spring discount

Have fun Shopping for Springtime and enjoy the Finnish Vappu!

In Finland we are going to celebrate Vappu this weekend. It is the carnival of spring for workers and students. It's time for fun and special delicacies.

Would you like to add a touch of Finnish style for your table setting this Spring? Shop vintage from Finland comfortably from your home and enjoy a 10% discount 28.4.-10.5.2023.

Get your Astialiisa discount code here:

For 10% off from your next order

Discount code: gold23
Valid until 10.05.2023

You can activate the discount code at either the cart or checkout page under “Do you have a discount code?”.

We will pack the dishes of your choice carefully and send them safely and without any delay to you.

You are also most welcome to visit our shop in Helsinki, opening hours:

Tue, Wed, Thu: 12-18
fri: 12-17
sat: 12-16


Wishing you a beautiful spring!
Astialiisa Online team

Sparkling wine or mead with doughnuts and, tippaleipä are typical treats of Finnish Vappu


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