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Here we have collected useful information to help you while shopping at the Astialiisa Online shop.

About Astialiisa Online

Astialiisa is a family owned company established in 2005 by Tiina Westerlund. It is recognized as one of the best vintage dishware shops in Finland and it is introduced in many guidebooks.

Astialiisa Online is Astialiisa’s webshop for our international customers. The Astialiisa Online team has Japanese and Finnish members available for service in English, Japanese and Finnish. For customers in Finland, we recommend visiting the Helsinki shop.

We have a handpicked selection for you of the best quality Finnish vintage design dishware: collectibles by Arabia and glassware by Iittala and Nuutajärvi. The product range is complemented by other famous Finnish brands such as the Moomins and Marimekko.

Astialiisa Online features our best quality and rarest items. With our online selection we are clear and transparent with our condition classifications, so nobody gets unpleasant surprises. We have more than 700 different products online. Let us know if you have any questions, concerns, wishes or feedback. Our Online team is here for you, just send us a message.

Customer Service

Astialiisa Online has customer service in Finnish, English and Japanese. You can contact us by:

Our response time is limited to our working hours during Finnish daytime, but we usually answer to all contacts in 24 hours during weekdays. Let us know if you have any questions or feedback.

We are more than happy to hear from you!

Asking About Your Location

The Astialiisa Online shop asks for your location to set your delivery country automatically. This information is used for displaying the correct delivery options, and for displaying the product prices with VAT (value added tax) included, when inside the European Union tax area. It might also be used to display custom messages to visitors from certain countries. For example visitors from Finland get a message about visiting the Helsinki shop if they agree to tell their location.

The website will function without knowing your location, but it might display the VAT or delivery options incorrectly until you select the delivery country at the checkout page.

Item Condition Classes

Class 1A: New
Class 1B
: Mint condition - second-hand, or near mint condition with possible small scratches that won't show well in photographs or without close inspection with a light source.
Class 2
: The item has been used and is worn with some visible scratches. No cracks or chipping. Additional photographs show the worn parts if possible.
Class 3
: Item has been used and is clearly worn or may contain small chipping. We only publish the rarest or most popular products of this condition class. See additional photographs.

For ceramic products we follow the official Iittala FAQ guideline:

“Because of the characteristics of the base material and glaze, there might be slight differences in the shape and texture of the ceramic products, and they might have small black spots on the surface and dents (pinholes) on the glaze. Please be assured that they have no quality problems.”

Translated from:

Small amounts of black dots in the ceramic mass, or small dents in the glazing will not affect our condition classifications. If they are very noticeable however, we will lower the condition class of the item accordingly.

The Astialiisa online shop features our best quality items.
All items in the Astialiisa online shop are fit for a banquet table setting based on their condition. Even the condition class 2 items have relatively little wear, but perhaps for collecting purposes the class 1 items are a better choice. The class 3 products are an exception to our strict quality requirements, and are usually rarities that still have value and can still be used.

Term Explanations

New: The product is brand new and has not had a previous owner.
Second-hand: The product has been made after 1999 and has had a previous owner.
Vintage: The product has been made before 2000 and has had a previous owner.


Astialiisa Online offers payment methods from the Finnish payment service provider Paytrail and the global payment service Paypal. These payment service providers are safe and will handle any misuses or disputes fairly and according to law. None of the payment options have added costs. There is no hidden costs added on top of what you see at the “Total:” part of the checkout page.

Payment details (card number etc.) are not saved at or visible to Astialiisa Online, they are sent directly to the payment service provider.

Payment methods

Astialiisa Online currently offers the following payment methods:

・American Express

Yen Prices

To make it easier for our Japanese customers to understand the prices, we offer the option to see our estimated prices in Japanese yen (JPY) by selecting the JPY from the top menu. This estimated price uses the exchange rate 1 EUR = 135 JPY (updated 05.08.2022).
For more accurate rates, see European Central Bank.

Different currencies

Due to technical limitations, we can only receive payments in EUR. There is no additional cost from Astialiisa Online or Paytrail when paying with a card using a non-euro account. For exchange rates and possible fees, refer to Paypal’s or your card issuer’s terms and conditions.

More information

If you have any questions about our payment systems, please contact us at or your preferred payment method’s customer service.


The short version

We ship orders worldwide. The free shipping with Posti campaign works the same everywhere.

If you want to make sure that your country is supported, it's very simple: the web shop will not let you place an order with delivery to an address we do not ship to. If the tech fails and lets you place such an order, we will refund you according to the last paragraph under this heading.

All the costs shown on the checkout page are final, and there are no extra fees from us. Some possible external fees are:

  • Exchange fees when paying from a non-EUR account (ask you card issuer or Paypal)
  • Customs duties at the destination country (ask your local customs office)
  • Taxes at the destination country (ask your local tax office)

If we are unable to deliver your order for any reason, and cannot contact you, we will cancel and refund the order as we wouldn't be able to keep our side in the agreement regarding the delivery of goods. If we are able to contact you, we will work out the best solution for all parties.


After receiving your order we will confirm that all the provided information is correct. We will always choose the best quality items available for your shipment if your order contains items that we have a larger stock than the ordered amount.

We will package your products very carefully focusing on the safety and durability of the package. Your package will contain a receipt of your order.

Safe Delivery

Astialiisa or the delivery service are responsible for your package until you receive it safely. This means that we will always compensate any damaged, lost or missing items to the customer. Always contact our customer service if you think there is something wrong with your order.

Return Policy (Simplified)

  • You are not required to state a reason for the return (however, we always appreciate your feedback).
  • You are required to inform us within 14 days if you wish to return products, starting from the day you receive the products.
  • Always contact our customer service first before shipping anything back - we strive to always process returns and refunds in a convenient and fair manner.
  • You are required to return the products to us within 14 days, starting from the day you inform us about the return.
  • You are responsible for returning the products safely to us, insurance for the delivery is recommended for larger returns.
  • We will pay you back 100% of the money we have received, for products returned safely; either by a full or a partial refund of your order.

Shipping Options

Astialiisa Online currently offers two delivery options: Posti (the Finnish postal office in cooperation with your local postal office) and DHL (a global logistics company from Germany). You can select the delivery option you prefer at the checkout page. We also offer a possibility to pick your order up from the Astialiisa shop, letting you pick it up from our shop in Helsinki when it is ready.

If there is no delivery option available for your destination country, please contact our customer service and we will see if there is an alternative option we can use.

Taxes and Customs Duties

The delivery fees do not include any taxes or customs duties for the destination country.

For products shipped to inside of the EU, or picked up from the store, all taxes are included in the product prices where applicable and there are no customs duties.

For products shipped to outside of the EU, no taxes are included in the product prices, and the receiver will have to pay all the taxes and customs duties separately, as required by the destination country’s customs. For more information about customs duty and import tax you can contact our customer service, or your destination country’s customs.

Green Delivery

In Finland we are always close to nature, even in the capital, Helsinki. That is why protecting the environment will always be important to us. In our shipping process also, we focus on green values in addition to the safety of the products.

In packing we use eco-friendly materials whenever possible. All our delivery boxes are eco-friendly, produced in the EU, mainly with recycled materials. Of course our products need very good protection, so for some of the padding we have to use plastic, such as bubble wrap, for now. However, we are always on the look-out for new greener packaging technologies to replace them!


All our Posti shipments use the Posti Green service. This guarantees that the shipments are carbon neutral within Finland. At the airport responsibility is transferred to Posti’s delivery partners, for example the airliner responsible for delivering the packages to the destination country. You can read more about the project here:


All our DHL shipments use the DHL GoGreen service. GoGreen makes the shipments carbon neutral all the way from Astialiisa’s shop to your front door, globally! You can read more about the project by clicking on the banner.

Tracking Your Shipment

After your order has been shipped, you will receive a tracking code and link to your email. Clicking on this link will allow you to follow the progress of your shipment.

Delivery Times

Our delivery times depend on a lot of factors, and we can only give you a rough estimate. See further below for some example statistics. If you feel your delivery is taking too long, please contact our customer service.

Handling your order at Astialiisa: 0-2 workdays
We will check your order information for errors, collect and package your products, fill out the documents needed for international sales, and give your package to the delivery company.

Delivery to you destination country: 1-14 days

Depends on your destination country and the selected delivery method.

Customs and delivery at destination country: 0- days

The time taken at customs depends on your country’s customs office and you taking care of possible duties and taxes. Shipments by DHL will always be delivered to the address of your choosing. For shipments by Posti, the local postal service will inform you as the package is delivered to you or a pick-up point, depending on the destination country’s postal service

Examples of Average Delivery Times

Here are some average delivery time examples from some of our orders so far, from us receiving the order to the final delivery. These include all the steps from the previous chapter.


DHL Express

Posti Priority Parcel


6 days

9 days

South Korea

5 days

10 days


5 days

14 days

DHL On Demand Delivery (ODD)

When using DHL as your delivery service, you will receive a notification once your order is shipped. ODD will email and/or SMS you about your shipment’s progress and estimated delivery date/time. When this doesn’t fit your schedule, this 100% free service enables you to choose the time and place of delivery.

More info about DHL ODD can be found at by selecting your country and clicking on "Help" from the menu on the upper left side.

Kids' clothing size guide

Kids’ sizes

Clothing Size (height)









1,5–2 years

2–3 years

3–4 years

4–5 years

5–6 years

6–7 years

7-8 years

Chest (A)

53 cm

55 cm

56,5 cm

58 cm

59,5 cm

61 cm

64 cm

Waist (B)

52 cm

53 cm

54 cm

55 cm

56 cm

57 cm

58 cm

Hips (C)

55 cm

57 cm

59 cm

61 cm

63 cm

65 cm

68 cm

Inseam (D)

37 cm

40,5 cm

44 cm

47,5 cm

51 cm

54,5 cm

59 cm

Baby sizes

Clothing Size (height)









1 month

2 months

3–4 months

5–6 months

7–9 months

10–12 months

12-18 months

Chest (A)

41 cm

42 cm

43,5 cm

45,5 cm

47 cm

49 cm

51 cm

Waist (B)

40,5 cm

42 cm

43,5 cm

44,5 cm

46 cm

48 cm

50 cm

Hips (C)

40 cm

42 cm

44 cm

46 cm

48 cm

50 cm

52,5 cm

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