Released on 1.2.2023

Valentine’s Gift

Greetings from Astialiisa Helsinki

In Finland February is the last of Winter months and there is a lot of fun ahead.

On Runeberg’s Day (5.2) we celebrate our national poet with coffee and ‘Runebergin torttu’. In Astialiisa we enjoy these treats every year many times, because our shop in Helsinki resides on Runeberg’s street.

A gift for Valentine’s

Valentine's, “Ystävänpäivä”, (14.2) is not just a celebration for couples, but a holiday for all friends. This year we would like to include you in our celebration. We will give you a 10 % gift code to our shop online for all the products in our Shop for Winter and Spring!

Get your Astialiisa Valentine’s code here:

For 10 % off from your next order
Discount code: Valentine23
Valid until 1.2.-15.02.2023

You can activate the discount code at either the cart or checkout page under “Do you have a discount code?”. This discount code is valid for all our products in the category Shop for the Winter and Shop for the Spring at Astialiisa Online.


On Laskiainen, 19.2. and 21.2. , we enjoy the sun glitter on the snowy hills and have fun sledding. Afterwards, we drink hot cocoa and gobble up delicious Laskiaispulla buns. To tell you the truth we enjoy these buns during coffee break at the shop too.

Children and their families enjoy their sports holiday (Hiihtoloma). Usually the last week of February is reserved for winter sports like skiing, skating, slalom etc. The general idea is to get out and enjoy the brisk winter days and the wonderful facilities that nature offers for outing.

On Kalevala Day (28.2), we celebrate the tradition of Finnish literature and culture. On this day you might want to explore the Arabia vintage wall plates inspired by the Kalevala stories.


Astialiisa works in February as usual, we just eat more sweets and delicatessen than normally. All our deliveries go smoothly and economically with DHL and Posti. Green, Free and safe global shipping on orders over 500€ as always.

We are adding beautiful vintage dishes all the time, and for you early birds we just opened our Shop for the Spring. Would you like to see what we have reserved for Springtime at Astialiisa? Just remember to use your gift code for 10% 1.-15.2.2023.


We would be so happy to hear from you! Please leave a review for the products you order.

Wishing you a lovely late Winter and a Happy Valentine's Day
Astialiisa Online Team

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