Muurla's new enamelware carries a carbon steel core, with a double coating of enamel. The cookware is durable, functional and light. Enamel pots with lids are easy to use, easy to keep clean and suitable for all hobs - from induction to open fire. Pots are designed for both cooking and serving, as well as food preservation.

The vintage enamel cookware, such as the kettles and pots are heavier because they are made of steel coated with enamel and have thicker bottoms. For vintage cookware we recommend hand wash and only cooking with them on a hob, because of the handles made from bakelite. These lovely cooking vessels were made under the Finel brand by Wärtsilä. The cute retro style decorations of these pots and pans can really make you smile.

Ceramic cookware made of stoneware or vitro porcelain can also be used in the microwave, but we would recommend that you use ceramic pots made of hard faience only in conventional ovens.

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