Iittala Kastehelmi

Kastehelmi crystallises the essence of a summer morning, dew glistening in the sunlight and ripples across the lake surface. It’s design is a perfect balance of functionality and beauty.

This series is young, fun, and playful; especially if you let your creativity run free and combine different colours. It is among Oiva Toikka’s most popular series of home glassware, and has already delighted two generations of Finnish homemakers.
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Oiva Toikka designed the Kastehelmi series to cleverly hide the joins from glass moulds. This resulted in a beautiful texture that emphasized the reflections of glass. The glass droplets resemble a charming pearl necklace, and their texture feels particularly wonderful to the touch.

Iittala Kastehelmi (dewdrop in Finnish) was originally produced between 1964-1988 at the Nuutajärvi glassworks factory. Nuutajärvi production was also marketed under Iittala and Arabia brands. The original colours were clear, turquoise, (olive) green, grey and from 1973 also brown. Later on several colors were added to production.

Kastehelmi was brought back into production in 2010 by Iittala. There were slight changes in the moulds. The shapes of the dew drops and lips, outer parts of the dishes, became more smooth and rounded. The dishes also tend to be lighter in weight. The original form with sharper edges tends to reflect light better.

This makes the series perfect for festive table settings with candle light and a perfect present to bring with you as a housewarming gift.

All Astialiisa Online Kastehelmi pieces are original production from Finland. Kastehelmi items are not microwave-safe and hand-washing is recommended.

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