A happy family gathers to have dinner together. The studies in Finland show that dinner together strengthens the bonds of the family. In Finland we set the table with appreciated design tableware by Arabia Finland to make every day count. By choosing the dishware carefully, even with little higher prices, and using vintage we also implement sustainable choices.

A Finn sets the table to create a homely or festive atmosphere for their family or guests. The dinnerware for a celebration is more decorative. In Finland the vintage design dinner sets are used because of their sentimental value. In everyday use we appreciate practicality and reduced design. Often colored glazing is the only decoration needed, for examples see Kaj Franck's design.

Nowadays it is more common to combine various styles of design dinnerware, old and new, to create one’s own personal style. We have many styles of Finnish dinnerware online for you: functional and clean, or colorful, even romantic crockery.

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