Arabia Paratiisi

Paratiisi designed by Birger Kaipiainen, has won hearts for over 50 years, with its rich and imaginative violet and fruit decorations. The showy blue-and-yellow and black-and-white versions are familiar eye-catchers in Finnish everyday and festive table settings.

The artistic design of the internationally-known Paratiisi series is guaranteed to bring a sense of the special to any coffee table.
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Paratiisi is one of Arabia’s classic designs - it was started in 1969 and is still in production, with the addition of a third colour - purple&green. In the 1970’s, Paratiisi (paradise in Finnish) was originally made from faience pottery and the original plates were oval shaped. The vitro porcelain used in later production however, is more durable and more versatile in its useability.

The iconic crisp lines and colourful look of the Paratiisi series is thanks to the silkscreen printing technique that gained popularity in the 60s. Silkscreen allowed for multiple colours to be used simultaneously and is used to create today’s colourful printed patterns.

Birger Kaipiainen known as “the king of ceramic decorators”, was mad about violets and used them as his signature motif in almost all his designs. He also designed other patterns for this same model, including the beautifully lush Apila (clover) series. Heini Riitahuhta’s Runo (poem) series was also designed for this same model.

Paratiisi was first manufactured 1969-1974. It was discontinued because of reorganisation of the production. The colourful Paratiisi was renewed and the production started again in 1988. Paratiisi black returned in 2000 and has been in production periodically since. Until 2016 Paratiisi items were produced in Finland, after which the production moved to Thailand.

Paratiisi Stamp 1971-1974
Paratiisi Stamp 1988-2005
Paratiisi Stamp 2005-2015
Paratiisi Stamp 2015-

The Paratiisi series vitro porcelain is microwave safe, but the older faience versions are not. All Paratiisi items sold by Astialiisa Online are made in Finland.

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