3 Tips for Eco-friendly Shopping

Finland is a pioneer in environmental protection, recycling, and eco-friendliness. Protecting our planet is also the foundation for our business at Astialiisa. Check out these 3 tips to make your shopping more ethical and environmentally-friendly :

1. Make sustainable choices and shop vintage

Purchasing vintage dishes saves on resources and nature. It is always better to use vintage, than it is to produce new. The production of new ceramics and glass use up many natural resources in international production and long-distance transport. New production also requires significant amounts of raw material and chemicals, and demands lots of energy (the firing of ceramics and glass needs a temperature of 1000-1500 °C).

To protect the environment, it is always better that we extend the life-span of dishes. Especially in the case of ceramics, as these are neither biodegradable nor burnable. They create problem waste, that at best can be recycled as crushed filler for building materials. This is why we need to say no to single-use consumer culture, and to the poor-quality and poorly-treated cheap dishes.

Winter Scenery from Kittilä, Lapland
Winter Scenery from Kittilä, Lapland

Avoid buying momentarily trendy items that will soon end up as out-of-fashion, non-recyclable waste. You can make sustainable choices by opting for quality vintage dishes. They last for a long time and maintain their stylishness from decade to decade. Vintage classics from noted designers and trustworthy brands will continue to be appreciated and also maintain their value when cared for properly, making it easier to find them a new home if needed.

We are committed to finding new homes for quality Finnish vintage and second-hand dishes. When you purchase a vintage item from us, it is an authentic dish from a Finnish home. Its former owner has brought it to Astialiisa, trusting that we will appreciate it and find a new home for it.

The condition of the dishes affect their value. Our web shop only sells top quality vintage items that are in excellent condition. Our Helsinki store, where customers can choose items for themselves, has a wider selection. Our How to take care of your vintage dishes article will help you care for you products to ensure that they have a long life-span, making them even better for you and the planet.

2. Choose new products that are environmentally friendly

When considering the eco-friendliness of new products its important to check the production materials and if they can be recycled. You can make eco-friendly choices by opting for natural fibres, sustainable production methods, and products that are made from recycled material. Finding these products is easier with the help of sustainability certificates, such as the EU’s REACH-standard for the human and environmental safety of chemicals, or GOTS, which gives out certificates for responsibly produced organic cotton.

Finnish Valkmusa national park, duckboards
Finnish Valkmusa national park, duckboards

Recyclability is another factor that is especially important to watch out for, especially when buying single-use products, such as take-away coffee cups, paper napkins, and the like. It’s important to avoid plastic and opt for biodegradable or recyclable products, which also don’t contain toxic materials that when discarded pollute the environment.

Astialiisa sells a select range of new products in its online store, which have been produced in an eco-friendly way. For example our Marimekko paper napkins are made in the EU with recycled materials, non-toxic water-based colours, and are fully biodegradable. Our Martinex moomin products and textiles are from organic cotton and from recycled materials. They are produced following EU regulations and standards for responsible and safe production (BSCI, SA8000, GOTS and REACH certifications).

3. Opt for green deliveries

The biggest problem of global production and trade is the enormous carbon footprint of shipping things from one end of the planet to the other. So in fact the simplest and most impactful way to shop green is to opt for a carbon compensated delivery. Also using recycled and recyclable packaging materials instead of plastic is a great way to protect our planet.

Lake view from the Saimaa area, Finland
Lake view from the Saimaa area, Finland

Astialiisa uses DHL’s GoGreen carbon-neutral service and Posti’s Green services for the delivery of our products. Our products are packaged safely, using the methods of secure packing, but also to minimize excess packing material. We aim to minimize the quantity of plastic, by using large pocket bubble-wrap with more air and less plastic, and by using crimped packing paper and cardboard from recycled sources as an alternative wherever possible without compromising the safety of the products. Naturally, we hope that our customers remember to recycle the packing materials.


Providing an eco-friendly service will always be important to us at Astialiisa, because we believe that green forests, clean blue waters, and fresh air are the basis of a happy life for everyone. Eco-friendly choices can have a big impact on your environment and your way of life. Here are 4 facts that showcase the effects that eco-friendliness has had in Finland.

  • According to the Environmental Performance Index, Finland is among the world’s greenest and cleanest countries. The index compares factors such as environmental protection and human health (Yale and Columbia University).
  • Air quality in Finland in classed as excellent compared with the rest of the world (according to the WHO, 2018)
  • Finland was chosen as best nature travel destination (Lonely Planet, 2019)
  • Clean nature is the number one point of pride for Finns (Association of Finnish Work, 2019)

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