Arabia Taika Bowl 0,28 l, Vintage

Arabia - Brand Introduction
Arabia Taika Bowl 0,28 l, Front
Arabia Taika Bowl 0,28 l, Front
Arabia Taika Bowl 0,28 l, Bottom
Arabia Taika Bowl 0,28 l, Bottom
Arabia Taika Bowl 0,28 l, Top
Arabia Taika Bowl 0,28 l, Top
3 pcs
249 g
Price per item
39,00 €

Taika (magic) decoration is a combination of hand-painted stripes in brown and a print of blue and white berries.

Arabia Taika has a beautiful Finnish winter atmosphere with snowberries. The dark background gives this series a cozy and slightly mysterious feel, like being in a magical winter forest. The decoration is highlighted by a warm red-brown stripe, which deliciously emphasises the colour of your coffee or tea.

The pattern was made made using the air-brush stencil technique, which leaves the edges of the pattern beautifully soft and fuzzy. This technique has a strong vintage feel and was very popular in the 60s and 70s. The hand-painted stripes used as a finishing touch create a watercolour-like effect and bring variety to the colours and liveliness to the otherwise even printed pattern. The hand-painting gives an authentic artisanal feel to this nordic vintage series.

A bowl for desert, small gratins, salads or side dishes. Collect a set of these ovenproof bowls with various decorations for your own table setting.

Brand: Arabia
Series/Decoration: Taika
Design of Form: Ulla Procopé
Design of Decoration: Inkeri Seppälä
Years of Manufacture: 1976-1979
Measurements: Height: 55 mm, Diameter: 103 mm
Material: Stoneware
Condition: Class 1B - see updated quality classifications

Designed in Finland, Made in Finland

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