Arabia Valencia

The gorgeous cobalt blue hand-painted patterns make Valencia one of Arabia’s most highly prized series. The calligraphy-style spontaneous brush strokes demanded by Ulla Procopé required great artistic sensitivity from the painters.

Valencia is highly desired for its artful and distinctly hand-crafted look, as well as for the shimmer of the colour, which varies from item to item.
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Arabia Valencia (historic coastal city in eastern Spain) was first produced with Ulla Procopé’s romantic ND-model in faience ceramic mass, but was later manufactured with vitro porcelain all the way until 2002. The same model was manufactured with several other decorations too, for example Esteri Tomula’s Katrilli.

The Valencia series was inspired by Southern European and Spanish ceramics. Procopé spent her youth living in France by the Spanish border, and spent the last years of her life in the Canary Islands, Spain.

Arabia's hand-painted series have various label markings on the bottom. The usual labeling contains hand-painted Arabia signature with the initials of the decoration's designer and the painter, separated by a forward slash. Some dishes only have the initials of the painter. The hand-painted series may have the initials of several painters, as each painter specialised in painting a different part in the series. In some designs these initials have been replaced with generic stamps.

The vibrant blue colours of Valencia are delicate and scratch easily. We recommend that they be hand-washed and ideally should be stacked with a napkin between each plate, so that the base ring does not scrape against the plate below.

We recommend using these dishes for serving and as tableware, but not for food preparation or heating.

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