Arabia Krokus

The most collected series from the 40-year-career of Esteri Tomula has turned out to be Krokus, which was in production for only two years in the late 1970s. After a long and cold winter in Finland, the crocus flowers bring the spring into our homes.

The freshness of green and blue, and the crisp outlines on pure white dishes remind us of the last snows changing into the first flowers of springtime.
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Arabia Krokus (Crocus flower in Finnish) was produced between 1978-1979. The design is printed with silk screen printing technique onto hard faience ceramic. As is characteristic of Tomula’s designs, the crocus flowers on the decoration are delicately illustrated, and still as if straight from a garden during the spring.

Arabia’s simplified decorations became the symbol of Nordic Modernism during the second half of the 20th century. Previously decorations were used hide imperfections in the ceramic mass, therefore Arabia’s minimal decorations demonstrated the superior quality of its ceramics.

Krokus comes in a black-and-white version and also a colour version. The colour version represents Tomula’s signature technique of combining a black-and-white print with hand-painted details in green and blue.

The model of the Krokus series is the award-winning EH-model designed by Peter Winquist. It won a gold medal at the Faenza Ceramic Biennale, Italy in 1971. Winquist’s design philosophy was that “a good cup is hardly noticed, rather it allows the flavour and aromas of the coffee stand out”. Other decorations featured on this model include Arabia Kirsikka and Arabia Faenza.

Because of the rarity of the Krokus dishes, we recommend them not be microwaved and preferably they should be hand-washed.

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