Coffee and Tea Sets

Coffee and Tea Sets
The Finns drink more coffee per capita than any other nation in the world. That is why a beautiful coffee table setting is important to us.

We choose the size and style of the coffee or tea table setting according to the situation. At work and in everyday life we use mugs for both coffee and tea. When we set the table for a feast or for enjoying coffee with friends we use beautiful tea and coffee sets.

The coffee serving usually includes coffee cups, saucers, side plates, a creamer, a sugar bowl, a coffee pot and a platter. The smaller cup sizes like demitasse or espresso might be used for example as we serve coffee after dinner.

It has been estimated that the Arabia factory produced more than 3500 different coffee cups during its history in Finland in the years 1873-2016. Marimekko licensed some of their decorations for coffee sets for Iittala to produce. We have included some of their tea and coffee tableware in our assortment as well as some other dishware with Marimekko’s famous designs.

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