Arabia Meri

The Meri (the sea) series is worthy of its name. Inside the beautiful varying tones of the blue-green glazing are little black dots, as if tiny creatures of the sea.

The blue colour is finished off with a brown stripe like a distant shore line, which creates a peaceful and down to earth atmosphere - maybe we are not in the open sea, but in the archipelago.
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Arabia Meri stoneware dishes were produced in Finland from 1967-1969. Each piece in this series is unique. They have a beautiful fluctuating surface that resembles the sea, and the depth of the colour can also vary.

Ulla Procopé has managed to combine the heavy, durable material and clear multi-purpose forms of the S-model with the beautiful sea blue so well, that even 50 years later, Meri is still in use and loved by many. Meri can be playfully combined with other decorations made for the same S-model: for example Uhtua, Flora, Kosmos, Ruija and Otso.

Meri stoneware is oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.

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