Arabia Meri Soup Bowl, Vintage

Arabia - Brand Introduction
Arabia Meri Soup Bowl, Front
Arabia Meri Soup Bowl, Front
Arabia Meri Soup Bowl, Top
Arabia Meri Soup Bowl, Top
Arabia Meri Soup Bowl, Bottom
Arabia Meri Soup Bowl, Bottom
8 pcs
332 g
Price per item
46,00 €

Arabia Meri (sea) decoration is a beautiful combination of hand-painted black and brown stripes suggestive of waves reaching the shoreline, with little pigment spots blown underneath a bright sea-blue coloured glazing. These enchanting little spots are like tiny marine creatures or pebbles underneath the waves. This technique gives each item a unique and softly undulating surface. The series has a relaxed and cosy atmosphere.

The colour of the glazing shifts in tone from paler to more deep tones. This change in colours gives the design a rustic feel.

A plate mainly for soup, that can also be used as a bowl for breakfast, pasta, rice or side dishes. These small bowls have convenient handles so they work as for both eating and serving of small side dishes. Heat-resistant oven dish or a small casserole are suitable for cooking food in an oven. You can serve it directly from the oven to the table and even keep it in a refrigerator. When serving hot food, you can easily use the matching series bread plates under the bowls.

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Brand: Arabia
Series/Decoration: Meri
Design of Form: Ulla Procopé
Design of Decoration: Ulla Procopé
Years of Manufacture: 1976-1979
Measurements: Height: 55 mm, Diameter: 142 mm
Material: Stoneware
Condition: Class 1B - see updated quality classifications

Designed in Finland, Made in Finland

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