Shipping Intro

What does our delivery service include - what do you get for your money?
Here are the 6 ways our delivery services guarantee an excellent benefit-cost ratio:

1. Economical Delivery

Our delivery prices have been fine tuned to be as low as possible, much cheaper than what it would cost to send the same type of package as a private person. Exact prices are available at the checkout page. Posti deliveries are free for orders over 500 EUR.

2. Green Delivery

We take green values seriously and apply them in everything we do. Posti parcels are carbon neutral in Finland. DHL Express parcels are carbon neutral internationally. We use recyclable packing materials as much as possible.

3. Safe Delivery

Our packaging is designed durability first. Damages during delivery are very rare. In the case anything is damaged or missing, we will always compensate you for the damages (up to 100% of product and shipping value).

4. Fast Delivery

All our shipping options are relatively fast - we do not offer the slowest available shipping options at all. DHL Express deliveries will be surprisingly fast! Delivery time estimates are available at the checkout page.

5. Easy Delivery

All required customs documentation is included by default. DHL Express offers a paid service to take care of possible customs taxes & tariffs for you, making the delivery faster & easier for you.

6. 14-Day Return Window

After receiving your order, you have 14 days to decide if you wish to return the products or seek a refund otherwise. Make sure to contact us during this time if something seems wrong!

Order without worry, we will take good care of your Finnish design treasures all the way until delivery!


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