Released on 31.3.2023

Spring News and adding stock!

The blooming of Crocus flowers is one of the sure signs of Spring. Get your own beautiful vintage or new Krokus by clicking the picture.

Easter greetings from Finland!

Palm Sunday (2.4.) marks the beginning of Easter time in Finland. Children wish health and happiness by tapping their family members and friends lightly with a decorated willow twig and chanting a rhyme. Sweets or chocolate Easter eggs are given to children in exchange for their decorated pussy willow branches.

An "easter witch" ready for Palm Sunday, Kerava, Finland, 1998, Photo by Annelis*

Easter (7-10.4) is a Christian holiday, but it is also a celebration of Spring. Families and friends gather together and homes are decorated with yellow spring flowers. Finnish Easter specialties include decorations like bunnies (see the popular Arabia Bunny mugs) and easter chicks, as well as painting eggs in eggcups and growing baby ryegrass in a bowl. These traditions all symbolise new life.

Astialiisa’s shop in Helsinki is closed during the Easter holidays, but the webshop Astialiisa Online is open 24/7.

On Mother's Day (14.5) it’s time to delight our moms. One traditional gift in Finland has been a particularly beautiful cup designed especially for moms.

Heljä Liukko Sundström designed 6 different variations of the Mother's Cup during 1977-1982. In the decoration, Heljä used the themes she loved: mothers, children, bunnies, flowers, soft sheep and home. Get a cup for the Mother now, as we have just added stock for the complete series!

Our shopkeeper Tiina has just added a whole bunch of new stock especially for the Spring! New vintage items in the shop include Krokus Coffee Cups, Mother’s Cup - series and Kirsikka demitasse cups. Have a look at the new selection before they’re gone:


Wishing you happy spring moments and April Fools Day 1.4.
Astialiisa Online Team

* Own photo scanned, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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