Arabia Juova Plate 17 cm, Vintage

Arabia - Brand Introduction
Arabia Juova Plate 17 cm, Front Side
Arabia Juova Plate 17 cm, Front Side
Arabia Juova Plate 17 cm, Bottom View
Arabia Juova Plate 17 cm, Bottom View
Arabia Juova Plate 17 cm,  Side View
Arabia Juova Plate 17 cm, Side View
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Arabia Juova (a line, streak) is a very bold and minimalistic black-and-white design made by Esteri Tomula in the 1950s.

The design is very unusual for Tomula, who is known for her delicate floral designs, yet it has real period feel and displays her signature mastery of confident lines as thin as hair. The decoration emphasizes the distinctive and architectural model of the dishes. Notice in particular the extremely beautiful quarter-moon shaped ear on the coffee cups. The combined shape and decoration has a tension and drama that somehow reminds one of a musical instrument, piano keys or cello strings, and of the whiteness and clear cut lines of Finnish mid-century modern architecture.

This stylish, and even masculine, decoration on thin white porcelain can be combined with Tomula's floral decorations to create a ying-and-yang contrast between natural and geometric shapes. A statement piece that will bring your home a touch of Finnish modernism. Signed version.

A side plate, dessert plate, bread plate or a plate for cake or sweet buns. This plate forms a set with a coffee cup. A celebratory Finnish coffee setting includes a coffee cup, saucer, cake plate with a spoon and a serviette for every guest. This plate also functions as a bread plate at the dinner table.

There are some tiny signs of wear and black spots on the plate.

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Brand: Arabia
Series/Decoration: Juova
Design of Form: Kaarina Aho
Design of Decoration: Esteri Tomula
Years of Manufacture: 1957
Measurements: Height: 19 mm, Diameter: 170 mm
Material: Porcelain
Condition: Class 2 - see updated quality classifications

Designed in Finland, Made in Finland

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