Arabia Lyra Plate 17cm, Vintage

Arabia - Brand Introduction
Arabia Lyra Plate 17cm,  Front Side
Arabia Lyra Plate 17cm, Front Side
Arabia Lyra Plate 17cm, Side View
Arabia Lyra Plate 17cm, Side View
Arabia Lyra Plate 17cm,  Back Side
Arabia Lyra Plate 17cm, Back Side
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Lyra (a Lyre) is a stylish black, gold and white printed decoration by Tove Slotte. It was inspired by the musical instrument from ancient Greece, the Lyre of Apollo, which is also a symbol used in the badges of student caps used by Finnish high school graduates. The decoration references the black-and white colour and mimics the shape of the student cap.

In the coffee table during graduation festivities this design is an impeccable choice, and you can sense an atmosphere of celebration and music in the luxuious and melodious shapes. However, the practical aspects of the model, such as the gently widening edge and generous size of the dishes make this a convinient series for daily use as well. Lyra's elegant and clever shape was designed by Inkeri Leivo.

A delightful gift or wedding present. A superb choice for any special occasion.

A side plate, dessert plate, bread plate or a plate for cake or sweet buns. This plate forms a set with a coffee cup. A celebratory Finnish coffee setting includes a coffee cup, saucer, cake plate with a spoon and a serviette for every guest. This plate also functions as a bread plate at the dinner table.

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Brand: Arabia
Series/Decoration: Lyra
Design of Form: Inkeri Leivo
Design of Decoration: Tove Slotte
Years of Manufacture: 1986-1989
Measurements: Height: 21 mm
Diameter: 170 mm
Material: Porcelain
Condition: Class 1B - see updated quality classifications

Designed in Finland, Made in Finland

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