Muurla Reindeer Enamel Saucepan 1,3 l, New

Muurla - Brand Introduction
Muurla Reindeer Enamel Saucepan 1,3 l
Muurla Reindeer Enamel Saucepan 1,3 l
4 pcs
445 g
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The Reindeer (Poro) series carries a winter-themed design in grey and white. The decoration features these beautiful and useful nordic animals. The series is made to delight and fascinate.

A saucepan is a cute Scandinavian style pan for jam, milk, hot chocolate or eggs. Suitable for all types of hobs including induction. Small but sweet and very strong being made of carbon steel with quality enamel finish.

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Brand: Muurla
Series/Decoration: Reindeer (Poro)
Design of Form: Muurla's Design Team
Design of Decoration: Noora Eerikäinen
Years of Manufacture: 2013-2019
Measurements: Height: 110 mm, Diameter: 135 mm
Volume: 1,3 l
Material: Stainless Steel With Double Coating of Enamel
Condition: Class 1A

Designed in Finland, Made in EU

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