Nuutajärvi Kimara Tumbler Blueberry Blue 9 cl, Vintage -9%

Nuutajärvi - Brand Introduction
Nuutajärvi Kimara Tumbler Blueberry Blue 9 cl
Nuutajärvi Kimara Tumbler Blueberry Blue 9 cl
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50 g
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Kartio (a cone) glasses are a perfect example of Franck's design with basic geometric forms. The colour is all that is needed for a decoration. Originally Kartio glasses were thin. Ittala produced a new batch of thin Kartio glasses to celebrate 100 years from Franck's birth. The colour, shape and thickness of the Kartio series have all varied throughout its production.

A stemless drinking glass.

Brand: Nuutajärvi
Series/Decoration: Kartio Kimara 2744
Design of Form: Kaj Franck
Design of Decoration: Kaj Franck
Years of Manufacture: 1958-1967
Measurements: Height: 65 mm, Diameter: 72 mm
Volume: 9 cl
Material: Glass
Condition: Class 1B - see updated quality classifications

Designed in Finland, Made in Finland

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