Marimekko Puketti Red Serviette 25 x 25 cm, New

Marimekko - Brand Introduction
Marimekko Puketti Red Serviette 25 x 25 cm
Marimekko Puketti Red Serviette 25 x 25 cm
3 pcs
61 g
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Puketti (Bouquet) features bursts of white minimalist flowers with tiny dots.

Set your table with seasonally coloured serviettes. Marimekko paper napkins bring joy and well thought detail for parties and every day delicious moments! The package contains 20 soft, three-ply paper napkins.

Brand: Marimekko
Series/Decoration: Puketti red, 25 x 25 cm
Design of Pattern: Annika Rimala 1965
Years of Manufacture: 2018
Measurements: Package: Height: 27 mm, Length: 126 mm x 126 mm
Material: Printed with non-toxic water-based colours on 100% recycled tissue paper
Condition: Class 1A

Designed in Finland, Made in Germany

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