Marimekko Kuusikossa Red Serviette 25 x 25 cm, New

Marimekko - Brand Introduction
Marimekko Kuusikossa Red Serviette 25 x 25 cm
Marimekko Kuusikossa Red Serviette 25 x 25 cm
3 pcs
61 g
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Kuusikossa Red (in a spruce forest) is a print in light grey, red and blue featuring Christmas trees in a forest.

Set your table with seasonally coloured serviettes. Marimekko paper napkins bring joy and well thought detail for parties and every day delicious moments! The package contains 20 soft, three-ply paper napkins.

Brand: Marimekko
Series/Decoration: Kuusikossa red, 25 x 25 cm
Design of Pattern: Maija Louekari 2012
Years of Manufacture: 2018
Measurements: Package: Height: 27 mm, Length: 126 mm x 126 mm
Material: Printed with non-toxic water-based colours on 100% recycled tissue paper
Condition: Class 1A

Designed in Finland, Made in Germany

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