Aarikka Suukkotonttu Table Decoration, New

Aarikka - Brand Introduction
Aarikka Suukkotonttu Table Decoration
Aarikka Suukkotonttu Table Decoration
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Suukkotonttu is a red Christmas elf. The elf has a red kiss mark on their cheek, making a frosty day a joyful one.

Aarikka’s Tonttu Christmas elves are a great way to decorate your table or windowsill. They are wonderful Christmas gifts to those who appreciate high-quality handicrafts

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Brand: Aarikka
Series/Decoration: Tonttu Table decoration
Design of Form: Based on Kaija Aarikka's original design
Design of Decoration: Based on Kaija Aarikka's original design
Years of Manufacture: 1970's -
Measurements: Height: 90 mm
Material: Wood and Felt
Condition: Class 1A

Designed in Finland, Made in Finland

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