Muurla Leaves Black Trivet 18 cm, New

Muurla - Brand Introduction
Leaves Black Trivet 18 cm
Leaves Black Trivet 18 cm
4 pcs
145 g
Price per item
15,00 €

The Leaves (Lehdet) series has a retro feel to it. The decoration features leaves in light grey, grey and black on black background.

A trivet is a thin, heat-resistant object placed under hot serving dishes to protect the table from heat damage.

Brand: Muurla
Series/Decoration: Leaves Black
Design of Form: Muurla's Design Team
Design of Decoration: Noora Eerikäinen
Years of Manufacture: 2014-2017
Measurements: Height: 5 mm, Diameter: 180 mm
Material: Finnish plywood
Condition: Class 1A

Designed in Finland, Made in Finland

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