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Muurla Leaves Black Enamel Pot 3,5 l, New

Muurla - Brand Introduction
Leaves Black Enamel Pot 3,5 l
Leaves Black Enamel Pot 3,5 l
5 pcs
1.118 kg
Price per item
61,00 €

The Leaves (Lehdet) series has a retro feel to it, and it was designed to fit the nostalgic enamel. The decoration features leaves in light gray, gray and black on white enamel with black rims.

A pot with a steel core and an enamel coating. This pot can be used on various stove types but not in the microwave. You can lengthen  the life of your enamelware by not letting it boil dry and by not pouring water in an empty heated vessel. Do not use harsh abrasives, rather rub with moist washing powder or boil with a washing powder solution or small amount of soda.

Brand: Muurla
Series/Decoration: Leaves Black
Design of Form: Muurla's Design Team
Design of Decoration: Noora Eerikäinen
Years of Manufacture: 2014-2017
Measurements: Height: 185 mm, Diameter: 200 mm

Volume: 3,5 l
Material: Stainless Steel With Double Coating of Enamel
Condition: Class 1A

Designed in Finland, Made in EU

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