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Nuutajärvi Pioni Wine Glass 20 cl, Vintage

Nuutajärvi - Brand Introduction
Nuutajärvi Pioni Wine Glass 20cl
Nuutajärvi Pioni Wine Glass 20cl
2 pcs
333 g
Price per item
39,00 €

Pioni (Peony, a flower) clear glass series introduces beautiful flowers pressed into a mould. Each item in the series represents a different phase of a peony flower opening from a bud to a large flower. The production technique creates differences to the forms of the plates.

A goblet-like drinking glass. It has a foot and a stem and is used specifically for serving wine.

Brand: Nuutajärvi
Series/Decoration: Pioni
Design of Form: Oiva Toikka
Design of Decoration: Oiva Toikka
Years of Manufacture: 1979-1984
Measurements: Height: 125 mm, Diameter: 80 mm
Volume: 20 cl
Material: Glass
Condition: Class 1B - see updated quality classifications

Designed in Finland, Made in Finland

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