Finel Neptun White Pot without a Lid, Vintage -5%

Finel - Brand Introduction
Finel Neptun White Pot, Class 3, Front
Finel Neptun White Pot, Class 3, Front
Finel Neptun White Pot, Class 3, Bottom
Finel Neptun White Pot, Class 3, Bottom
Finel Neptun White Saucepan, Class 3, Top
Finel Neptun White Saucepan, Class 3, Top
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Neptun (Neptune is the god of the sea and fresh water in Roman religion) is a black graphic decoration for Finel enamel pots. It features a screen-printed decoration with various imaginative and funny little fish swimming happily.

Finel Neptune features Esteri Tomula’s signature beautifully thin pencil lines, and like all her designs is elegant and a little playful. Tomula's designs are often inspired by Finnish plants and animals, and their style is like a storybook illustration.

This delicious design will surely make you hungry for seafood.

A pot with a steel core and an enamel coating. This pot can be used on various stove types but not in the microwave. You can lengthen the life of your enamelware by not letting it boil dry and by not pouring water in an empty heated vessel. Do not use harsh abrasives, rather rub with moist washing powder or boil with a washing powder solution or small amount of soda.

These rare and collectable pots don't have a lid. They have some weariness typical for vintage enamel items: the edges of the pot have some small chipping of the enamel and there are a few scratches inside the pot. It is still completely usable though. Please see additional photos.

Brand: Finel Wärtsilä
Series/Decoration: Neptun
Design of Form: Arne Erkers
Design of Decoration: Esteri Tomula
Years of Manufacture: 1965-1970
Measurements: Height: 127 mm, Diameter: 192/265 mm
Material: Steel Coated With Enamel
Condition: Class 3 - see updated quality classifications

Designed in Finland, Made in Finland

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