Arabia Tunturi Plate 20 cm, Vintage -42%

Arabia - Brand Introduction
Arabia Tunturi Plate 20 cm,  Top
Arabia Tunturi Plate 20 cm, Top
Arabia Tunturi Plate 20 cm,  Bottom
Arabia Tunturi Plate 20 cm, Bottom
10 pcs
483 g
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Tunturi (an arctic hill) decoration features beautiful daisy-shaped flowers hand-painted in chocolate brown with a matt glaze on a really lovely creamy beige toned background. These tones feel like they have been carefully chosen to enhance the creamy and earthy colours of coffee and tea.

Arabia Tunturi has a very simple, yet elegant atmosphere, like a wooden cabin in Lappland. The dishes feel very cosy, perfect for an evening reading books under a blanket and next to a softly glowing fireplace.

The earthy hue of the brown hand-painted design varies because of the melting of the color pigments. This makes each item unique in style. The colour variation brings liveliness and three-dimensionally to an otherwise simple design. The rough hand-painting gives an artesanal and natural feel to this Nordic vintage series.

A side plate for appetizers, salads, dessert, bread and butter, or a luncheon plate. Used for sets with teacups.

These vintage plates are in excellent condition. There might be however some imperfections from production, such as a dark dot or a tiny pinhole on the glazing.

Brand: Arabia
Series/Decoration: Tunturi
Design of Form: Ulla Procopé
Design of Decoration: Olga Osol
Years of Manufacture: 1969-1972
Measurements: Height: 20 mm
Diameter: 200 mm
Material: Stoneware
Condition: Class 2 - see updated quality classifications

Designed in Finland, Made in Finland

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