Arabia Fennica Demitasse 0,1 l, Vintage

Arabia - Brand Introduction
Arabia Fennica Demitasse 0,1 l, Front
Arabia Fennica Demitasse 0,1 l, Front
Arabia Fennica Demitasse 0,1 l, Bottom
Arabia Fennica Demitasse 0,1 l, Bottom
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282 g
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This cup is from our Helsinki store's selection and is also available for local purchase.

Fennica (Finnish) is a durable and functional model for everyday use. The decoration features a brown line on the edges of the dishes.

A demitasse, or espresso cup is a smaller sized coffee cup for stronger coffee, mocha. It comes with a saucer, and it is usually about half the size of a normal coffee cup.

These beautiful cups are in good condition. They still have minor sings of wear and small scratches, which are difficult to see in photos

So if a bit of wear on your vintage items does not bother you - there are great deals to be made here!

Brand: Arabia
Series/Decoration: Fennica
Design of Form: Ulla Procopé
Design of Decoration: Richard Lindh
Years of Manufacture: 1982-1985
Measurements: Height: 43 mm (cup), 18 mm (saucer)
Diameter: 70 mm (cup), 125 mm (saucer)
Volume: 0,1 l
Material: Stoneware
Condition: Class 2 - see updated quality classifications

Designed in Finland, Made in Finland

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