Arabia Flora Plate 26 cm, Vintage

Arabia - Brand Introduction
Arabia Flora Plate 26 cm, Front
Arabia Flora Plate 26 cm, Front
Arabia Flora Plate 26 cm, Bottom
Arabia Flora Plate 26 cm, Bottom
Arabia Flora Plate 26 cm, Side
Arabia Flora Plate 26 cm, Side
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Flora (flora means plants native to the local area) is a colourful silk-screen print featuring Finnish springtime flowers, such as dandelions, wood anemones, pink primroses, and arctic starflowers.

Arabia Flora is just so lovely and youthful, it sparkles with joy. The small delicate flowers perfectly evoke the feeling of spring. The style is very much like a botanical illustration, with lots of charming little details. It is so exiting to discover the unique personality of each little plant.

Esteri Tomula is known for her refined sense of colour, and Arabia Flora's combination of delicate pale yellows, soft pinks, and deep blues is among her best colour creations.

A perfect Nordic vintage dish to create an atmosphere of freshness and happiness in your home.

A plate for a main course, often used as a dinner plate. This is usually a flat plate type.

This beautiful plate is in good condition. There are almost no signs of wear, yet it has minor imperfections such as a few tiny bubbles or dents in the glazing.

Brand: Arabia
Series/Decoration: Flora
Design of Form: Ulla Procopé
Design of Decoration: Esteri Tomula
Years of Manufacture: 1979-1981
Measurements: Diameter: 25,6 cm, Height: 28 mm
Material: Stoneware
Condition: Class 2- see updated quality classifications

Designed in Finland, Made in Finland

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