Arabia Karelia Oven Dish, Vintage

Arabia - Brand Introduction
Arabia Karelia Oven Dish, Front
Arabia Karelia Oven Dish, Front
Arabia Karelia Oven Dish, Side
Arabia Karelia Oven Dish, Side
Arabia Karelia Oven Dish, Bottom
Arabia Karelia Oven Dish, Bottom
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Karelia (Karjala) was a historic province of Finland, that was divided between Finland and Russia after the Winter War in 1940. Finns associate Karelia with beautiful wild nature, and nostalgia of the past. This beautiful rustic and natural series creates has a relaxed and down-to-earth atmosphere.

The Arabia Karelia series is very simple, yet elegant. The hue of the brown hand-painted stripes vary because of the melting of the color pigments. This makes each item unique in style. The colour variation brings liveliness to an otherwise simple design. The rough hand-painting gives an authentic artesanal and historical feel to this nordic vintage series, similar to Japanese raku ceramics.

Modern square or rectangular serving dishes are characterized by their versatility: they are suitable for use from oven to table and in the refrigerator. They also are stackable and suitable for smaller homes. You can combine different colours and sizes to reflect your own personal style.

This practical vintage oven dish is in good condition. There are is still some minor imperfections, such as a tiny dark dot and the glazing is a bit uneven.

Brand: Arabia
Series/Decoration: Karelia
Design of Form: Anja Jaatinen-Winquist
Design of Decoration: Anja Jaatinen-Winquist
Years of Manufacture: 1970-1986
Measurements: Height: 40 mm, Diameter: 245 x 340 mm
Material: Stoneware
Condition: Class 2 - see updated quality classifications

Designed in Finland, Made in Finland

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