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Arabia Snowflake Soup Plate, Vintage

Arabia - Brand Introduction
Arabia Snowflake Soup Plate, Front
Arabia Snowflake Soup Plate, Front
Arabia Snowflake Soup Plate, Bottom
Arabia Snowflake Soup Plate, Bottom
Arabia Snowflake Soup Plate, Side
Arabia Snowflake Soup Plate, Side
Arabia Snowflake Soup Plate, Class 2, Detail
Arabia Snowflake Soup Plate, Class 2, Detail
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Snowflake is a charming indigo blue winter decoration. It was designed by Raija Uosikkinen for Olga Osol's pale blue faience dishes. The decoration has small blue snowflakes, which hover and form a wreath along the edge of the light blue dishes. Each snowflake is a little different, just like in nature.

Arabia Snowflake's design is made with beautiful delicate lines. You can see the decoration involved a lot of craftsmanship, and the small snowflakes are not always quite accurate or symmetrical. Also the intensity of the colour may vary and the tips of some snowflakes may even be missing. This variety in style and detailed decoration was achieved by using a rubber stamp technique. Each snowflake was stamped by hand.

The Snowflake tableware series was made in the 1950s and only for export. So surprisingly it can be found in places around the world, but is rare in Finland!

A plate mainly for soup, that can also be used as a bowl for breakfast, pasta, rice or side dishes. These multi-purpose traditional deep plates have a decorative edge that beautifully frames the food.

The wide edge makes it easy to pass around the dishes and supports cutlery. For this reason, the deep plate also serves as a beautiful serving dish. Thanks to the edge the plate is firmly seated on drying racks.

These lovely plates have some small imperfections. There are for example some dark dots and inaccuracy of the pattern. The glazing might be a bit uneven and have a few tiny lumps, a pinhole, dents, or some small marks of use, such as tiny scratches. Please see the photos of these rare vintage items.

Brand: Arabia
Series/Decoration: Snowflake (lumihiutale)
Design of Form: Olga Osol 1941
Design of Decoration: Raija Uosikkinen 1953
Years of Manufacture: 1953-1964
Measurements: Diameter: 23,5 cm, Height:35 mm
Material: Hard Faience
Condition: Class 2 - see updated quality classifications

Designed in Finland, Made in Finland

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