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Iittala Briljant Champagne Glass, Vintage

Iittala - Brand Introduction
Iittala Briljant Champagne Glass, Front Side
Iittala Briljant Champagne Glass, Front Side
Iittala Briljant Champagne Glass, Back Side
Iittala Briljant Champagne Glass, Back Side
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Briljant (Brilliant) is a hourglass-shaped glass with a decorative foot.

It is an innovative combitation of glass blowing and pressing techniques. The highlight of the design is the distinctive mould-pressed foot in a cone shape, decorated with checkers in the style of 'the brilliant cut', a method of cutting diamonds. The design is lovely and delicate, and really rather clever. It almost looks like the glass is wearing a pretty skirt.

This nordic vintage glass design was made by the famous designer Tapio Wirkkala. It was originallly produced for Iittala 1959–1963, then the production was shifted to Riihimäen Lasi company from 1963–1971.

The series was produced with 10 different parts. The original version was made in clear glass, but later it was also produced with a lustre glaze in the purple colour. Briljant creates a fun and playful atmosphere for your party!

Glass for champagne or sparkling wine. The tall, narrow flute keeps the champagne chilled and helps it keep its signature carbonation.

Brand: Iittala
Series/Decoration: Briljant
Design of Form: Tapio Wirkkala
Design of Decoration: Tapio Wirkkala
Years of Manufacture: 1959-1963
Measurements: Height: 178 mm, Diameter: 62 mm
Material: Glass
Condition: Class 1B - see updated quality classifications

Designed in Finland, Made in Finland

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