Arabia 24h Blue Bowl 0,5 l, Vintage

Arabia - Brand Introduction
Arabia 24H Bowl 0,5 l, Front Side
Arabia 24H Bowl 0,5 l, Front Side
Arabia 24H Bowl 0,5 l, Back Side
Arabia 24H Bowl 0,5 l, Back Side
Arabia 24H Bowl 0,5 l, Top View
Arabia 24H Bowl 0,5 l, Top View
Arabia 24H Bowl 0,5 l, Bottom View
Arabia 24H Bowl 0,5 l, Bottom View
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24h are tableware pieces for every hour of the day. Clean lines and carefully finished details are characteristic for the series originally designed by Heikki Orvola for his own personal use. 24h found its way into Arabia Finland's serial production in 1996 with matte glazing in deep ultramarine blue and teal green. The glaze surface consists of a fine grain, which makes for a varied and natural-feeling surface that has a soft glow. There is a subtle glaze ring along the edge on the dishes, reminiscient of hand-made artisanal pottery.

The series was awarded the Design Plus prize in Frankfurt 1997. The production still continues in white, but the original vintage blue and green are discontinued and therefore with restricted availability.

The modern, simple shapes remain popular year in year out, and make this series convenient for daily use. The curving shapes of the dishes were designed especially with modern food favourites like pasta in mind, and each dish was designed to be versitile and fit several functions. Safe for dishwasher, microwave, and oven.

A plate mainly for soup, that can also be used as a bowl for breakfast, pasta, rice or side dishes. Combine different colors and shapes to make your table colorful and fun. Adding a single beautiful bowl can create a new kind of atmosphere.

The matt crystalline glaze finish is unusual for a factory-made product, and its sagging on the edges of the bowls is a “flaw” used to advantage – in line with the Japanese philosophy of crafts.

Brand: Arabia
Series/Decoration: 24h Blue
Design of Form: Heikki Orvola
Design of Decoration: Heikki Orvola
Years of Manufacture: 1996-2006
Measurements: Height: 77 mm, Diameter: 118 mm
Volume: 0,5 l
Material: Vitro Porcelain
Condition: Class 1B - see updated quality classifications

Designed in Finland, Made in Finland

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