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Iittala Teema Yellow Bowl 15 cm, Second-hand

Iittala - Brand Introduction
Teema Yellow Bowl 15 cm, Front Side
Teema Yellow Bowl 15 cm, Front Side
Iittala Teema Yellow, Bottom View
Iittala Teema Yellow, Bottom View
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Teema (theme) series is based on familiar and basic geometric shapes: the circle, square and rectangle. The Teema yellow tableware series was in production 1981-2008 and occasionally after that. The dishes in production have varied over time.

A plate mainly for soup, that can also be used as a bowl for cereal or pasta.

See our Arabia Teema & Kilta Collection for more.

Brand: Iittala
Series/Decoration: Teema yellow
Design of Form: Kaj Franck, based on Kilta design from 1949
Design of Decoration: Kaj Franck
Years of Manufacture: 2002-2008
Measurements: Diameter: 150 mm, Height: 55 mm
Material: Vitro Porcelain
Condition: Class 1B - see updated quality classifications

Designed in Finland, Made in Finland

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