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Released on 19.3.2021

Spring News

New additions in Shop for the Spring

In March temperatures begin to warm, and the snow melts and drips from the roofs with a lovely melody. The sun shines brightly across the snowy land and we feel the desire to bring the same shine to our homes and tables.

In Finland we are especially inspired to use yellow – the favourite highlight colour of spring. You can find ideas of great gifts and beautiful dishes to set the table for upcoming in our Shop for the Spring.


Yellow Teema and black Kilta
Yellow Teema and black Kilta – a single yellow dish is enough to bring spring to the table

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The skylark is a sure sign of spring in Finland

New Designer Introduction published!

Finns estimate the progress of spring from the return of the migratory birds. Among the first to arrive are leivo – the skylarks. Though they may look plain, the leivo are impressive songbirds, whose melody is the most awaited event of spring. Leivo also happens to be the surname of a certain Arabia designer, we would like to introduce!

Meet Inkeri Seppälä Leivo, who is behind such popular Arabia series – Arctica, Kirsikka and Ruskeakukka! Find out about her amazing family history with the Arabia company, where she derived her inspiration, and get to know her most iconic designs.

Click here and read the story and see the dishes:


Uhtua is one of Inkeri Leivo’s most lasting designs, still in use in many Finnish homes

Busy preparing new

Spring is awakening Finland’s nature for a fresh start. We too have been busily going through your feedback and comments from last year, and are planning exciting new improvements to Astialiisa Online in 2021!

We were delighted as your feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and for the many useful suggestions that you made! Three changes that we decided to implement immediately were:

・More close-up photos of products & detailed quality descriptions!

・Improved search page options for the website!

・Posti delivery enabled for Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand!

(please note: deliveries rely on airmail and delays may occur due to covid)

We will continue to implement more of your wishes during the spring, and develop the service to provide all our customers with an even better experience.

With the migration of the common swan – Finland’s national bird – we send you spring greetings from the North Photo: Declan Doran

Wishing you a lovely spring,
Astialiisa Online team

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