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Released on 3.11.2020

2nd Birthday of Astialiisa Online

Astialiisa’s Birthday Specials: Coffee for Two

Today we are celebrating the 2nd birthday of Astialiisa Online webshop!

Arabia Kosmos coffee setting

To celebrate Astialiisa Online’s 2nd anniversary, we are offering Coffee for Two sets of some of our most popular vintage cups with special discounted prices at Astialiisa’s Market!

Be quick to secure your dream vintage items, as we have no additional stock available with these low prices!

Astialiisa's Market

Esteri Tomula 100th anniversary

Think you can recognize 8 iconic designs by Esteri Tomula?

Arabia Valmu

Test your skills & participate in our giveaway!

Share special Coffee and Tea moments with your loved ones! For a chance to win a 'Coffee for Two' -set of your choice, participate in our Esteri Tomula Designs Quiz!


Remember to add your email at the end of the quiz to join the giveaway. The winner of the giveaway will be chosen at the end of November.
This giveaway has ended.

Discover the designer and her dishes here:

Designers: Esteri Tomula

New English Instagram

Astialiisa is launching a new Instagram profile @VintageAstialiisa in English! Follow the blue Arabia Aurinko coffee cup for all our content in English. Please tell your friends about us!

Arabia Aurinko blue coffee setting


How to create a romantic dinner with Finnish vintage

Watch the video story A Candle-light Dinner with Nordic Dishware, where our japanese friend surprises her Finnish husband with a romantic dinner! Discover the magic of using Finnish vintage dishes to make your everyday living feel a little more special.

Kastehelmi & Ultima Thule setting

Life with Kamome is a vlog about what a Japanese lady spending her fourth year in Helsinki, Finland experiences in her everyday life. Get cozy enjoying a Scandinavian atmosphere with her newest video:

Watch on Youtube

Thank you for two wonderful years

People from all over the world get excited by the experience of the Astialiisa shop atmosphere: the feel of a real Finnish home and the whole spectrum of Finnish ceramics and glass – Gems that make everyday moments special.

Shopkeeper Tiina

We really want to thank everybody for helping us make Astialiisa Online so fun and successful.

Most of all, where would we be without our customers?

We truly appreciate all the feedback and support from you! Thank you for the purchases, reviews, surveys, emails and social media comments. We will continue to work hard to make Astialiisa Online an even better site for Finnish Vintage Lovers.

We wish you delightful birthday moments with Finnish Vintage Dishes
Astialiisa Online Team

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