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Released on 11.3.2020

New Feature: Designer introductions

An upcoming new feature on Astialiisa Online is designer introductions and our first designer page for Raija Uosikkinen has already been published.

The goal of the designer introductions is to create new ways to browse our selection, offer some additional background for popular series, and to show a glimpse into the lives of the people behind world famous dish models and decorations.

The main page for the designers is still under construction and it will contain a list of our featured designers in alphabetical order with short introductions and links to all of their products. UPDATE: The first version of the main page has been published: Designers

The dedicated pages for the designers, like Raija Uosikkinen will be added on the go as our research and writing finishes. They will be featured on our social media and newsletter as they are published, so make sure to follow one of those! They will also be visible as subcategories under the designers category.

Blue Grapponia & Kastelmi

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