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Released on 31.1.2020

The spring collection is here

Let’s start preparing for Spring

Spring is a time for new beginnings. Want to find out how spring is celebrated in Finland? We have made you a new Shop for the Season collection featuring items for spring celebrations and to brighten your daily living.

Click the picture to see our spring collection and read about Finnish Spring!

Two spring Moomin enamel mugs
The Astialiisa spring collection is here!

Spring is of course also a time for falling in love. Our Shop for the Season has lots of great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men. And don’t forget to share your favourites with your husbands and boyfriends to let them know what you want for White Day.

Dinner table set with Arabia Ruska series
6 Reasons why Finnish people buy Vintage

Why Do Finnish People Buy Vintage?

The fifth Tiina’s Tips blog is published! Have you read them all yet? In our newest blog post, Tiina answers this question, which she is often asked by japanese customers.

Tiina’s Tips

Astialiisa Survey

We would like to say a big thank you to all who answered our survey! Your comments are very helpful and we really appreciate you giving us a moment of your time.

Congratulations to “Nako”, who is the winner of our 100€ gift card raffle!

The prize raffle is over, but you can still complete the survey! We would love to hear what you think we could do better. Click here to enter:


Wishing you an exciting start to the spring season,
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