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Plastic Moomin Tableware
Melamine is widely used for children’s dinnerware as the material shows illustrations better, and is more durable than plastic. The gorgeous and detailed illustrations of the Moomin on the plates and mugs are guaranteed to keep the little one entertained throughout dining.

Used properly, the light melamine Moomin tableware is safe and durable at home, in lunch boxes and on picnics. Melamine is a tough material but the Moomin dishware may still crack if they are dropped on the floor at an unfortunate angle.

Melamine cannot be put into the microwave or the oven. Melamine cups and plates are dishwasher-safe 60 °C. However, as the dishwasher might fade the colors, hand wash is recommended.

The safety is actively tested by the Finnish authorities. The melamine Moomin tableware for babies and toddlers is an affordable and practical choice.

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